So I pulled a Siracusa — with all due respect — and wrote about 11,000 words on the Sony α7 II for Tools & Toys.

This is the most in-depth review I’ve ever written, and there were still a few more things I could have said about it.

I’ve owned the α7 II for 3 and a half months and in that time, I’ve used it extensively as my main camera. I now feel as comfortable with it as I’ve ever felt with any other camera, and yet I still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of what it can do.

This is without a doubt the best camera I’ve ever used, although I do miss a few of the features I had grown accustomed to on my Olympus E-M10. That goes to show what an incredible value the little E-M10 is.

If you’d like to read more — much more — about the α7 II, head on over to Tools & Toys to check out my full review, or feel free to send it over to your read-it-later service of choice.