Madrid on film: a few Kodak Portra 800 sample shots →

August 12, 2015 |

Here are a few images from a roll of Kodak Portra 800 I shot on Sunday, to give you an idea of how well Michael Fraser’s previously-linked workflow for scanning color negative film works. Follow the title link to see these pictures — and a few more — at their original resolution on Flickr. I will continue to add images to the album as I scan more.

Instead of a DSLR, I scanned these images using a dedicated 35mm film scanner. Following Michael’s advice, I scanned them as gamma-encoded TIFF files instead of linear RAW files. The rest of the process is exactly as described in Michael’s original post.

Not bad at all. While there is still some slight variation across images, I’m really happy with the results I’ve been getting so far, and see no reason to continue using ColorPerfect in my everyday workflow.