How not to respond to a job rejection email →

February 04, 2015 |

Jolene Creighton, editor of the wonderful science-themed website From Quarks to Quasars, sent a polite rejection letter to a freelance job applicant and things quickly took a turn for the worse:

I am posting this because I want people to see how women are treated online. The number of times that I have received gender based insults from people on the internet is horrifying. Receiving even one is horrifying. But it’s not just the gender based insults, because the sexism would be there even without the insults. It’s in the tone that he adopts — the arrogant, authoritative, “king of all he surveys” attitude. And I don’t think that we can separate this individual’s response from his gender. While, in my own experiences with my peers, I feel accepted and respected, I still feel that this is an issue that needs some addressing and should be acknowledged.