Erin Brooks reviews the Nikon FE film camera →

February 03, 2015 |

Erin Brooks published a fantastic article about her 1970’s Nikon FE film camera:

When a film image comes out right, it’s like I can feel it. It escorts me back to the moment I snapped that thoughtful shot. I can almost feel my baby’s chubby, softer-than-velvet cheeks, see the twinkle in her wide eyes as she experiences life with a newness only a baby can, hear her sweet baby coos as she learns to use her voice, and it takes my breath away. And I get to keep that moment, and live it again and again, forever.

Because so much of photography is in the eye of the photographer, and because film takes so much thought, I feel like not only do film photos have soul, they capture a bit of the photographer’s soul, too. They allow an outsider to see with the same eyes as the photographer, to live in her shoes, feel what she feels, for just a snippet of time. It’s romantic. It’s pure. Film photos have a life, realness, grittiness, and emotion to them.

I couldn’t agree more. Erin’s article mirrors my own feelings on the matter of film photography pretty closely. Also, don’t miss the incredibly emotional images of her beautiful children.