Why Apple selling fewer iPads is actually a huge achievement →

January 31, 2015 |

Mark Wilson from Fast Company does a great job of articulating an idea I very much agree with: that the reason iPad sales are slowing down is because Apple has made the iPad so good that people don’t feel the need to replace them as often as they do their smartphones. He goes even further and adds that this should be cause for celebration, not criticism:

But please, don’t take the tone of Wall Street when critiquing iPad sales. The platform’s waning sales are a testament to the design’s longevity—a longevity that sits in some unknown expanse between the disposable iPhone and the immortal television, refrigerator, or trusty old pair of jeans. Apple will still sell tens of millions of iPads in 2015. Its competitors will sell tons of tablets, too. Forrester analyst James McQuivey says the iPad is plateauing—and investors be damned, there’s no shame in a product reaching market saturation, so long as the customer is happy.

Well said.