The Booq Mamba Slim Courier Bag review on Tools & Toys →

January 06, 2015 |

Great review by Josh Ginter, as ever. Small, slim messenger bags are my preferred way to carry my everyday gear — a 13” MacBook Pro, a notebook and a pen, among other things — and the Mamba Slim Courier seems ideal for the task:

The shoulder strap has a nice shoulder pad that is comfortable for long periods of bag carrying. Again, the shoulder pad is made of the same material as the rest of the bag, so durability isn’t in question. The shoulder pad is folded around the strap and secured by two snap-buttons, so if you become tired of the shoulder pad, it isn’t difficult to remove.

The shoulder strap is arguably the single most important feature of a messenger bag, and one of the most difficult to do well. The ability to slide the shoulder pad along the strap, for example, is absolutely critical to the functionality of the bag. It’s remarkable just how many manufacturers get this wrong. I’m very conscious about this particular feature when browsing for messenger bags, and I’m glad to see they nailed it here.