Cabel Sasser on pulling Coda from the Mac App Store →

January 06, 2015 |

Cabel Sasser, on the Panic blog:

We’ve well-documented our struggles with Coda 2.5, Sandboxing, and the Mac App Store — first a warning in 2012, then this year when 2.5 shipped. Apple tried their best but realistically speaking we simply would have had to cut numerous Coda features, like the Terminal, MySQL local access, editing files as root, and more. To be honest, I was pretty nervous to be pulling Coda from the Mac App Store. But when we finally did it, I felt an incredible, almost indescribable sense of relief — mostly because as we began to wrap up bug fix releases, we were able to immediately post them to our customers within minutes of qualifying them. My god. That’s how it should be. There’s just no other way to put it — that’s how you treat your customers well, by reacting quickly and having total control over your destiny. To not be beholden to someone else to do our job feels just fantastic. (Also to not pay someone 30% in exchange for frequent stress is a fine deal.)

I’m happy to see removing Coda from the Mac App Store didn’t really hurt their sales. The Mac App Store is a fantastic way for developers to reach a wider audience but understandably, it’s not for everyone. Panic is a unique company, and it makes all the sense in the world for their apps to be sold independently through their own distribution channel.

Via 512 Pixels.