Sultans | Matt Gemmell →

September 18, 2014 |

Matt Gemmell, on Sultans of Swing:

Every so often, I hear it as if it’s new again. Maybe I’ll have gone a rare day or two without listening to it, or perhaps my attention will drift from whatever I’m doing just as the distinctive single- or triple-hit of percussion begins.

In those moments, I’m a boy again, and the music swallows me up.

So good. I dare you to read this piece and then not listen to the song the second you’re done.

I was lucky to go to a Mark Knopfler concert a few years back, on the night of my birthday. It was a present from my best friend, and it was amazing. I distinctly remember that our seats were pretty much in the back row, and obviously —there was never any doubt— we had to cheat our way to the lower levels so that we’d be closer to the stage. It took some charm and no small amount of courage to persuade the security guards —and by persuade I mean entirely avoid, of course—, but eventually we made it, just in time for Sultans of Swing. It was one of the most awe-inspiring things I’ve ever experienced.

Some songs have the potential to truly change us forever, and Sultans of Swing is one of those songs.

Now, go play it.