iOS 8: Tips, Tricks, and Details | MacStories →

September 18, 2014 |

Apart from the excellent, full review of iOS 8 by Federico Viticci, the team at MacStories have put together an awesome guide to help people out with the transition:

iOS 8 is, by any measure, a big update. A lot of it is refinement to last year’s drastic design overhaul, but there are also a lot of notable new features. Sitting amongst those refinements and big new features are little nuggets of delight in which Apple has designed or implemented something (whether it be a feature, design flourish or a shortcut) that you might not notice until one day you stumble upon it accidentally.

Great, great work, as usual.

Also, don’t miss the extended coverage they’re doing of some of the most interesting iOS 8-optimized apps we’re seeing so far. Some of them include:

And there’s more. You could easily spend your whole day at MacStories today, and it would be worth it.