The iPad Has Broken My Brain | TechCrunch →

April 06, 2011 |

It’s like my brain is locked in. I’m someone who has had an iPad for a year, but I’ve never used it for days in a row without touching a computer like I just did this weekend. And it seems to have re-wired my brain.

It’s the billion-dollar question: What’s so special about the iPad? This is something that’s impossible to understand unless you actually hold one in your hands and use it for a while: It changes everything. It changes the way you interact with computers. It changes you. Forever.

Starting with Mac OS X Lion, the behavior of two-finger scrolling will be reversed to match that of iOS devices. Why? Simply because it is more natural. It’s how it always should have been. But we needed iOS to learn that.

The good news? Scrolling is just the beginning; a global re-wiring has already started. It will affect the entirety of our computing experience, and there’s no stopping it.