Oldie but Goodie iPhone speculation circa 2002 →

April 06, 2011 |

It’s really striking how far back some Apple rumors extend. The tablet rumors were nearly constant for years, during which we didn’t even get a glimpse of the actual device until just days before the iPad was officially presented on stage.

Here we have a little gem: one of the very first Daring Fireball articles, already dealing with rumors of a so-called “Apple iPhone” circa 2002:

Other than Jobs himself, who confirms nothing about an Apple iPhone, Mr. Markoff’s only sources are “industry analysts”. Industry analysts know nothing about Apple, and given their record in the tech industry in the last few years, it’s a wonder anyone quotes them at all. Even the Daring Fireball could have offered better insight than these bozos.

Funny how little some things change over the years.

An unrelated aside: what strikes me as odd now is seeing John Gruber refer to himself in the third person as “The Daring Fireball”. John has come a long ways since 2002, and I for one am very glad to know that he is still in the trenches, going strong, better than ever. It really makes the Internet a much more interesting place.