This is the story of a very special trip for me.

I’ve been wanting to visit Thailand ever since January of 2019, when I first went to Hawaii with my life-long best friend Virginia and our friend Cristina. That probably still stands as the best trip of my life, and I find that’s an excellent reason to just keep traveling.

Virginia and I both love traveling, and we even have a matching travel-inspired tattoo that celebrates our friendship and our shared love of discovering new places and cultures. After Hawaii, we both quickly agreed that Thailand would be a fitting way to follow up from that once-in-a-lifetime experience, so we planned to spend 2020’s New Year’s Eve there. Unfortunately, as we all know, the pandemic happened, and we were forced to postpone the trip until international travel was reasonably safe again. Then life got in the way, as it always does, and we haven’t really had a chance to make it work until now.

This time our friends Sofia and Aurora joined us on the adventure, and the four of us booked a trip to Bangkok during 2024’s Easter week.

And what a trip it was going to be.