Candid, Episodes 36, 37 and 38 →

January 09, 2017 |

I’ve missed out on linking to Candid’s last few episodes, so here’s a quick rundown for you:

  • Episode 36 is all about color gamuts: what they are, how they impact your workflow as a photographer, and why you should care about the recent trend towards wide color gamut displays.

  • Episode 37 tackles the concept of narrative in photography, and why it’s getting more difficult to develop as a skill in the digital age. We also discuss Marius’ recent system switch back to Fuji.

  • Episode 38 addresses the specific issues we deal with when shooting in cold environments, and we also introduce our first public Slack channel. Come join us!

I like how all three of these turned out, and I feel Candid is in a good place right now. The new Slack community is growing by the day, and we’re already working on several new ways to improve the show in 2017. Stay tuned for more!