Candid, Episode 2: “Film & Fuji” →

February 24, 2016 |

The second episode of Candid, the new photography podcast that Marius Masalar, Josh Ginter and myself are hosting every week, was published earlier today.

This week we dig into the appeal of the “film look”, and try to figure out why these days people tend to apply all kinds of filters to their digital pictures to make them look more film-like. We also explore the differences between film grain and digital noise, and we go all-in on Fuji’s X-Series system with an in-depth look at their new X-Pro 2 and X70 cameras.

I really like how this episode turned out. It has a bit of everything: some good old-fashioned photography talk, a healthy dose of gear nerdery, and plenty of interesting discussion to boot.

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Thanks, and enjoy!