February 03, 2016 |

Ah, Paris. The City of Light. So much has been written about this beautiful city that I feel there’s nothing else I could add that would do it justice.

But it’s not just writers that are fascinated by Paris’s unique atmosphere. Au contraire. All kinds of artists have been inspired to produce their best work by this enchanting city: painters, photographers, actors, musicians, you name it. There’s just something special about it that seems to wake our imagination like perhaps no other place on this planet.

Paris is one of a kind, so when Miriam and I decided a few weeks ago that we would be spending New Year’s Eve there, my brain was immediately filled to the brink with wild expectations.

Since a regular article wouldn’t be appropriate for such a wonderful city, I came up with something that’s new for the site: a photo story.

Just follow the title link to get to the beginning. I do hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.