Jonathan Poritsky introduces Film Twitter Slack →

December 16, 2015 |

Don’t you just hate it when popular movies get spoiled on Twitter before they’re released to the general public? This is usually done by film critics, filmmakers and, generally speaking, any one person among the crap-load of people who get access to advanced private screenings of those movies.

That phenomenon is known as Film Twitter. It’s incredibly annoying but luckily, Jonathan Poritsky has just the thing:

What bugs me is the Socratic dissection of a film I’m not ready to delve into. I prefer to see movies fresh and form my own opinions. If I could time shift these Film Twitter tête-à-têtes and experience them after I’ve seen the film, that would be lovely. But there isn’t an elegant way to do that without reading the tweets in the first place (yet).

So what to do? Clearly those who see movies before the general public can aren’t going to stop the chatter. And I’m not going to unfollow a community that I love reading. So I put together a thing: Film Twitter Slack.

Great idea. Now, if only all those who love to spoil movies would just sign up and use it, that would be lovely.