MirrorLessons reviews the Olympus 4.0 firmware update →

November 04, 2015 |

Interesting review over at MirrorLessons. Olympus continues to add useful new features to their cameras via firmware updates, which is something other manufacturers should definitely take note of.

Among those new features, the new Focus Stacking mode on the E-M1 looks particularly impressive:

Like the Focus Bracketing Mode, it allows you to shoot macro shots with a depth of field larger than the minimum aperture of your lens. The difference is that it merges the shots into a single image in-camera.

There are some impressive examples in the review of the kind of results you can get with Focus Stacking without the need for post-processing software. This advanced feature is only available on the E-M1 due to its higher buffer capacity, and it helps maintain this 2-year-old camera’s status as the flagship model in the lineup.