The Tools & Toys Christmas Catalog →

November 03, 2015 |

Some really awesome gift ideas in there this year, as usual. I particularly loved Shawn’s introduction, wherein he encourages the idea of intentional giving:

A gift is more than just an item to fill a box so it can be wrapped up in red and green paper and placed under a tree. When you buy a gift this year, don’t give out of obligation, but rather give out of thankfulness and gratitude.

There is another side to this idea of intentional giving as well. It’s the idea that intentional giving means getting something awesome. Which, is actually easier than it may seem. With just a little bit of forethought and inspirational assistance, you too can move past the black hole of terrible gift giving that is filled with fruit cakes and generic gift certificates.

Nothing says I love you like an Amazon gift card… wait, what?