Tesla unveils autopilot system →

October 15, 2015 |

Check out the latest futuristic technology from Elon Musk’s Tesla: starting on Thursday, many Model S owners will be able to have their cars steer and park themselves.

Alexandria Sage, writing for Reuters:

New “autopilot” features, designed for cars built after September 2014, will be available for customers in the United States, Tesla said. European and Asian owners must wait another week. Tesla will provide the features through an over-the-air upgrade.

Musk cautioned that autopilot functionality was in beta mode and full “hands-off ”driving was not recommended.

“We’re being especially cautious at this stage so we’re advising drivers to keep their hands on the wheel just in case,” Musk told reporters at the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters. “Over time there will not be a need to have your hands on the wheel.”

When other people say “over time”, I hear “on an infinite timescale”. Musk, however, has no patience for that. This is a person hell-bent on ushering in the future way before it’s due. I’d be surprised if full hands-free driving took more than a few months to be fully operative.