NASA Apollo images: exposure & color corrected →

October 08, 2015 |

Fantastic work by Matthew Gore over at Light & Matter. He took some of the recently released images of the Apollo space program and “fixed” them:

Some of the images are already iconic, but the vast majority of them are new to me, and I’ve now spent countless hours enthralled by them. Perhaps it’s the years that I spent processing and gazing at rolls of negatives, but there’s something about looking at a dozen mediocre images… some in focus, some poorly framed, others under-exposed, some with motion blur… that increases the impact and brings home the reality of all of them.

Unfortunately, the scans have not been corrected for color and exposure, so they tend to be flat and tinted. For those of you who like the Instagram-filter look, they’re just fine; it does add a bit of vintage charm. My instinct, though, is to repair them… to try to give them them accurate color and the crispness of a full-tonal range.

The difference an accurate white balance makes is striking; I much prefer the corrected images.