Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle on the controversy over ‘Steve Jobs’ →

October 07, 2015 |

Great interview with the writer and director of the upcoming movie ‘Steve Jobs’:

Sorkin: Mrs. Jobs, Tim Cook, Bill Campbell—they have not seen the movie and have not read the screenplay. I don’t begrudge Laurene Jobs any of what she’s feeling right now, especially on the anniversary of her husband’s death. From what I’ve read that they’re assuming of what’s in the movie, that it’s a hit job, I think if they do see the movie they’ll be pleasantly surprised. But I can’t emphasize this enough: They haven’t seen the movie.

Boyle: You respect the personal grief. This guy is one of the most important figures in our lives, and these people [tech executives], I’m afraid, they have to be written about. They have to be examined. There will be many, many more films made about them. The world is changing beyond recognition. Apple is pretty good on issues like data and privacy, but we have to examine these people in a big political way or in a personal way, like this film tries to do.

Laurene Powell Jobs, Steve’s wife, recently voiced her concerns about the movie, stating that “any movie based on [Walter Isaacson’s] book could not possibly be accurate”. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.