Federico Viticci reviews Tweetbot 4 →

October 02, 2015 |

Another comprehensive, must-read review by Federico. Tweetbot is quite possibly my favorite iOS app. I’ve stuck with it through thick and thin, even on the iPad, where it hadn’t been updated since iOS 6:

Three years later, that bar’s still there, a bit dusty and lonely, pondering a sad state of affairs. Tweetbot is no longer the champion of Twitter clients for iPad, having skipped an entire generation of iOS design and new Twitter features. Tweetbot for iPad is, effectively, two years behind other apps on iOS, which, due to how things turned out at Twitter, haven’t been able to do much anyway. On the other hand, Twitter for iPad – long ignored by the company – has emerged again with a stretched-up iPhone layout presented in the name of “consistency”. It’s a grim landscape, devoid of the excitement and curiosity that surrounded Twitter clients five years ago.

A grim landscape indeed. Launching Tweetbot on the iPad has admittedly been an exercise in frustration for the past couple of years, but the alternative was no better. Now, we finally get a native iOS 9 version of the app than runs equally well on the iPhone and on the iPad:

There’s a parallel between iOS 9 and Tweetbot 4. Like Apple’s latest iOS, the new Tweetbot brings a series of welcome refinements and smaller feature additions to the iPhone, with a much bigger change on the iPad that redefines the experience on the big screen.

Tapbots fundamentally understands the iPad platform better than Twitter does. Through the second column, popovers, and other interface adjustments, Tweetbot 4 makes the best use of the iPad’s screen since the original Twitter for iPad. And while Tapbots’ latest effort doesn’t have the revolutionary spirit of Loren Brichter’s iPad masterpiece, it shows a willingness to do more than simply adapting what worked for the iPhone.

Tweetbot 4 is, as usual, a paid upgrade. It’s currently on sale for $4.99 for a limited time on the App Store, and those are easily the best 5 bucks you’re likely to spend on software in a good long while.