My second photo essay was published today at Tools & Toys and once again, Madrid is its protagonist. This time around we take a look at one of Madrid’s recently renovated food markets, San Antón:

Located in the centric quarter of Chueca and with 70 years of history, this impressive three-story building, known among the locals as Mercado de San Antón, has grown to become one of the most popular hangout places in town in recent years.

This essay is the first in a 3-part series on Madrid’s food markets. Over the past few years, many of Madrid’s old markets have been deeply transformed, incorporating most of the features traditionally found in bars and even restaurants into their spacious layouts. While it may seem like an odd combination at first, the truth is that food markets are surprisingly great places for spending some time with friends, family or your significant other.

It’s no secret we love our food here in Spain, and these markets provide a great opportunity to taste several different bite-sized specialties from all over the Spanish geography. And of course, you can accompany these delicious treats with your beverage of choice, just the way we like it.

If that sounds awesome to you — and I promise you, it is — head on over to Tools & Toys to check it out.