Dan Moren travels with the Apple Watch →

May 29, 2015 |

Interesting observation by Dan Moren, writing at Six Colors:

But more to the point, not a single person on my trip commented on the Apple Watch. Despite my generally wearing short-sleeved shirts, which left the Watch clearly visible, I’ve concluded that most people’s brains simply register something worn on the wrist as a watch, and don’t bother giving it much further attention. (I’d also guess that as the Apple Watch isn’t on sale in Portugal—a country which doesn’t have any Apple Stores—there just isn’t much awareness of it as a product.)

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the Apple Watch wasn’t really any more of an opportunity theft than your average nice wristwatch. In fact, it’s arguably less attractive in many cases, given that mine is not made from gold, and is far less valuable—and, to be honest, once parted with me, less usable—than an expensive luxury watch.

One of the worst parts of being an early adopter of Apple devices is that you can get a lot of unwanted attention in the first few months and judging by what other reviewers have said, the Apple Watch appeared to be no different in that regard. I’m happy to see that this is not the case for everyone, or perhaps not the case everywhere.

However, there’s one caveat to this: the Apple Watch hasn’t been released in Portugal yet, so there’s no reason for people to be on the lookout for it. The real question is whether this apparent lack of interest will still be the norm after the watch hits Portuguese stores.