The Most Photographed Generation Will Have No Pictures in 10 Years →

May 22, 2015 |

Mike Yost:

2025. You just found that DVD you had in that drawer you couldn’t remember which one it was. Along with 9 old cell phones that no longer will work with today’s new technology. Your 3 inch by 3 inch cube computer no longer has a DVD drive since in 2015 they were totally phased out. Your 3rd grandchild is sitting on your knee and asks to see pictures of their Mom- and all you have to show them is this piece of round plastic that is pretty much worthless. Not to mention dusty and scratched from all those old cellphones moving around every time you opened that drawer. And since Instagram had been merged with another company, and they started charging, you let that go 8 years ago.

It’s scary, I agree. As much as cloud technology and backup software have improved over the years, making actual prints of your photos will always remain the only 100% backwards-compatible format.

It’s also incredibly satisfying to make prints of your own images, to give them physical form. It somehow makes them more real. It makes them endure.

It totally makes them matter more.

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