Josh Ginter visits Vancouver →

May 20, 2015 |

Josh Ginter spent May Long Weekend in Vancouver, and he’s created a stunning photo-story to tell us all about it:

It didn’t take long for Jaclyn and I to realize how much we love the city of Vancouver. The city is clean, new, temperate, considerate, and immaculate. Vancouver has an entirely different personality, an entirely different character than New York City or Paris or Rome. There is nothing old about Vancouver. It’s a city willing to embrace the ever-evolving way of human life, both as a cosmopolitan city and as a habitat for millions of people.

Sounds like my kind of place, and Josh’s gorgeous photography has made me all the more eager to visit.

As a side note, I really love travel photo-stories like this one, and I’d love to see it become a more extended practice on the Internet. Not only are they entertaining, informative and a fantastic creative exercise, they actually push you get out and take more photos every day and when all is said and done, they are an amazing way to remember every trip.

Creating stories like these may just be the excuse many of us need to travel more often and take our cameras with us for the ride, which is a huge win by itself in my book.