Federico Viticci’s wishlist for iOS 9 →

May 06, 2015 |

Federico Viticci:

As with every year, I’ve been pondering where I’d like to see iOS go next. Software is never done, but iOS 8 made a compelling argument for the maturity of the platform – if anything, from a feature checklist perspective. That’s not how I look at it, though: I suspect that the next major version of iOS – likely to be called iOS 9 – will use the visual and technical foundation of iOS 7 and iOS 8 to unlock new levels of integration and communication between apps, iCloud, gestures, and voice input.

Nice and comprehensive list from Federico, as ever. I don’t think there’s anybody out there with a better appreciation for the iOS platform — including its strengths and weaknesses — than him. If only a few of his wishes end up coming true, I will be a very happy man.