You can now travel with your own personal photographer →

April 30, 2015 |

Messy Nessy on the crazy, crazy idea that became El Camino Travel:

So here’s the deal. They’re offering a curated group travel experience accompanied by a talented photographer with a creative eye that will be ready to capture the epic journey so you can treasure it for years to come. Every morning, the El Camino photographer delivers 20+ compelling images that you can hold dear or instantly share with your social media (plus an additional 150 images after the trip).

That means you can leave your phone (and selfie stick) at the door and finally live in the moment.

I’m deeply conflicted about this. On one hand, I guess it’s great for most people, in that most people don’t really care about photography, only about keeping a record of their vacation.

On the other hand though, part of what makes travel photography so great for me is that when I look at the pictures later on, I get to relive not only the moment itself, but the entire creative process of taking the photograph. In that way, this makes as much sense to me as hiring some random people to go on vacation in my place and then tell me what a great time they had.

So, yeah. Thanks, but I’ll pass.