Confirmation Bias →

April 28, 2015 |

With the flood of Apple Watch “first thoughts” articles popping up everywhere online, Ben Brooks touches on a topic I feel very strongly about: the importance of taking enough time to use a product before reviewing it. Otherwise, we may fall into a classic confirmation bias trap:

It’s the reason I try to take a couple weeks or more with products before posting a review. The reason why I take extra time with things I don’t like. I can’t know if it is confirmation bias at play until I spend enough time with something to wash those thoughts away. Until I think about it enough.

Exactly. This is true of any product, but especially true of the Apple Watch. So many of its features will make sense only when they find a place in our everyday lives — or rather, if they find it at all — that it really doesn’t make much sense to talk about them at this point.

Whoever rushes out to the Web to claim they have unlocked the mystery of Apple Watch is only fooling themselves. You may be genuinely convinced today that Force Touch is the best thing since sliced bread but being 100% honest, there’s simply no way you can’t know yet.