Erin Brooks on capturing childhood →

April 27, 2015 |

Erin Brooks:

Remember when unabashed laughter was a daily occurrence? An enveloping hug could cure pain? Remember when friendship was pure? The feeling of loving openly, before you’d ever been hurt? To really believe that if you just swung high enough, you could go all the way around the swing set bar? A time before worry? When there was no safer place than nestled in your parents’ arms? That any wish, if just wished hard enough, just might come true? When PJs, a super hero cape, and a tutu were acceptable regular-day wardrobe choices? That the best days involved playing with dirt? That Summer had a smell?

The most humble, honest comment I can make on Erin’s beautiful article is that it makes me wish for the day I can take pictures of my own kids. Here’s hoping.