John Siracusa won’t be reviewing future versions of OS X →

April 16, 2015 |

John Siracusa:

There is no single, dramatic reason behind this. It’s an accumulation of small things—the time investment, the (admittedly, self-imposed) mental anguish, the pressure to meet my own expectations and those of my readers year after year—but it all boils down to a simple, pervasive feeling that this is the time to stop. I’ve done this. It is done.

Now I’m sad. I’ve read every single one of John’s OS X reviews, and I’ve deeply enjoyed them all. I have only the utmost respect for John and his work. I’m sure the decision was incredibly difficult for him, but I also believe he made the right call.

One thing is certain, though: whoever steps up to the plate to continue his work will have some pretty huge shoes to fill.