Federico Viticci reviews the iPhone 6 Plus →

April 14, 2015 |

Speaking of how you can’t always trust early impressions of a device, today Federico Viticci published his amazing review of the iPhone 6 Plus and among many other things, he had this to say about it:

More than anything, using an iPhone 6 Plus for two months has proven — once again – that experience trumps guessing. The iPhone 6 Plus is big. It’s huge, depending on the size of your hands. It can be uncomfortable and it’s far from the compact interactions granted by the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. But what I’ve observed over the past two months is that, for me, size isn’t the defining characteristic of the 6 Plus. Rather, it’s what size enables in the overall iPhone experience. The iPhone 6 Plus’ form factor is a means to an end.