Gritty 1980’s NYC and the Glorious Intuition of Richard Sandler →

April 06, 2015 |

It’s been said before that New York City is street photography Mecca, and with good reason. Also, check out this interview with Sandler on Urban Times:

“I liked what a photograph could do. I was attracted to the idea of stopping time. I always liked films and I grew up in a family that was involved in television…very early television…. late 1940′s….But I always liked photography’s ability to stop time. Film doesn’t stop time, still photography does. That was the initial attraction to actually freeze a moment in time and make prose into poetry.….you have to add so much of your own interpretation to a still image. It becomes very much about the viewer, whereas film and video are much more literal, you see things happen through time, time is not stopped. That was the thing I liked about it, I thought and still think that photography is a very difficult and poetic medium.”

Lots of little gems sprinkled here and there, all through the interview. On a side note, Sandler started getting into photography when he was 31, the same age I am now. Who knows, maybe there’s still hope for me.