Tyson Robichaud on the Metabones Smart Adapter Mark IV →

March 23, 2015 |

Super-useful review by Tyson on the new version of the most popular Canon EF-mount to Sony E-mount adapter. I particularly loved his video showing autofocus speed and behavior — which, to be honest, was pretty disappointing.

The camera bodies in Sony’s A7 series are all amazing, but unfortunately it appears as though native E-mount lenses for the system are not quite there yet. While the few lenses available are all excellent, they’re also pretty damn expensive when compared to similar offerings for other systems.

One of the great promises of the A7 series has always been that you can use virtually any full-frame lens from any manufacturer, even manual rangefinder lenses. This is the only reason many professional photographers are even considering these cameras as an alternative to their existing Canon — and Nikon — DSRLs in the first place.

However, for that to be a viable choice, these adapters need to work much better than they currently do, and that means autofocus speed needs to get significantly faster. After all, if you can’t use all the great Canon glass you’ve been accumulating over the years to do the same fast-paced work you’ve always done, the appeal of these new cameras is significantly reduced. Manual focus is nice to have, sure, but it just won’t cut it for a whole bunch of working photographers out there, even with focus peaking and magnification enabled.

If the performance of this new Metabones adapter is as good as it gets with EF lenses, most professional shooters will be better off sticking with their Canon DSLRs, at least until the native E-mount lens ecosystem really flourishes — which, admittedly, is just a matter of time.