Marco Arment on the future of the dumbwatch →

March 20, 2015 |

Marco Arment:

The Apple Watch isn’t just a watch, interchangeable like any other. It’s an entire mobile computing and communication platform, and a significant enhancement to the smartphone, which is probably the most successful, ubiquitous, and disruptive electronic device in history.

Once you’re accustomed to wearing one, going out for a night without your Apple Watch is going to feel like going out without your phone.

I think his reasoning is absolutely spot-on, but I disagree with his conclusion. Yes, going out without your Apple Watch will feel a lot like going out without your phone, except your phone will still be in your pocket. There’s nothing important you’re left unable to do by leaving the watch behind, because you can just use your phone instead.

Actually, for the same reason I almost never pull my phone out of my pocket when I’m out with friends, I believe I’d be extremely likely to want to leave the Apple Watch at home when I go out. I don’t want to be interrupted by a million notifications all night long when I just want to have a good time and relax with some friends.

So, while I definitely appreciate everything the Apple Watch can do for me during the day, at night I still see myself wearing my nice dumbwatch instead. And if there’s something I really need to do I can just take my phone out, get it over with, put it back in my pocket and go back to my whisky.