Chris Van Velzer on the choice of “presence” in street photography →

March 20, 2015 |

Chris Van Velzer is a Shanghai-based street photographer that uses the Olympus/Fujifilm remote apps for street shooting:

The real purpose of this article is not simply to share a technique that I have found useful, but to provoke discussion and thought on use of the technique, from a philosophical standpoint. Personally, I am firmly of the philosophy that public life can, and should, be documented freely – by anyone. But there is a point at which the street photographer has to realize that the choice to either shoot “invisibly” or “with obvious interaction” has every bit as much of an impact on the final image as the choice of what field of view, or framing, or composing, or exposure, or anything else has on a final image. This also, in my own “reasonable” framework means I’m not going to follow someone down the street, paparazzi style, just because I can legally. It also means if I ever get someone that realizes I am photographing them, and clearly wants that photo gone – I will likely delete the photo (although I have never run into this particular scenario). It also means that sometimes I will take a picture of someone that will never know I did – and not have the ability to object.

Besides the gorgeous images, Van Velzer also provides a comprehensive overview and comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of the Olympus Image Share and Fujifilm Cam Remote apps.

I have to say, I find his technique to be incredibly ingenious. I will definitely be trying it next time I go out to shoot.