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March 19, 2015 |

Every now and then there are some funny coincidences on the Internet. Over the past few days and coinciding with St. Patrick’s Day, both Coudal Partners and Susannah Breslin, writing over at, have linked to two really interesting pieces on the wonderful Irish genius that was James Joyce:

  • The first one of those is the title link of this entry, James Joyce Orders a Shamrock Shake, where the also wonderful Timothy McSweeney recreates the proper Irish way to order a mint-flavored milkshake.

  • The second one is also absolutely fantastic. Apparently, Mr. Joyce enjoyed inventing his own words every now and then, and some of his most accomplished creations have been compiled and proudly displayed by Paul Anthony Jones in 17 Words Invented by James Joyce. These include terms as descriptive as Poppysmic, Obstropolos, and the verb Sausage. Yep.