Matt Gemmell on blogs →

March 18, 2015 |

Matt Gemmell takes issue with the term blog:

Instead of a blog, let your site be a site. Or a journal. An online anthology. Your collected works. Your essays, to date. Your body of writing. A blog is a non-thing; it’s the refusal to categorise what you produce, and an implicit opt-in to the disappointing default.

Instead of posts, you have articles. Pieces. Essays. Stories. Poems. Briefs. Tutorials. White papers. Analyses. Even thoughts, if you like. Actual works, crafted and presented for the reader, instead of just being punctured by a push-pin, and affixed to a bulletin board, beside lost dog, and roommate wanted.

I emphatically agree. I never refer to myself as a blogger, or this site as a blog. Analog Senses is most definitely a website, and what I write and publish here are certainly not blog posts in my mind. On that note, Matt’s piece actually provides a very nice segue into my next article, but more on that later.