Glenn Fleishman on newsletters and podcasts →

March 16, 2015 |

Glenn Fleishman, writing on Six Colors:

The ability to have a relatively high degree of leverage — if one can attract good numbers of listeners and those listeners have an interest in the goods and services — makes an editorial site as much an advertisement for listening to the podcast as the other way around.

This is an interesting point. When you think of shows like ATP or The Talk Show, that generate multi-thousand dollar revenues per episode, is it still realistic to consider them side businesses? At what point do those shows eclipse their respective creators' “main gigs”?

The tech industry is still shifting to accommodate podcasts — and, to a lesser extent, newsletters — in our consciousness. We still don’t have a well defined role for them and there’s not universal agreement on what their long-term significance in the great scheme of things will be, but it’s safe to say they’re not playing second fiddle to any other medium anymore, and that’s a wonderful thing.