Michael Fraser on “shit” →

March 07, 2015 |

This weekend, spring arrived early in Madrid. After a gorgeous, sunny Saturday shooting in the busy streets of this amazing city, nothing better than getting home to this article by Michael Fraser. In it, he openly criticizes Jonathan Auch’s arrogant attitude towards street photography, which he expressed in this Vice article:

I want to make it clear, however, that my beef is not necessarily with Auch’s work, per se. While I personally may find it boring (and, let’s face it, this style has been done to death - first by Gilden himself, and now by every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a Leica and a speedlight over at ‘Hard Core Street Photography’ on Flickr), who am I to begrudge Auch his right to shoot like this? And some of the work is good; even a broken clock is right twice a day.

No, what gets me supremely annoyed about this article, and about Auch in general, is crap like this:

I think most street photography today is shit

What kind of bullshit click-bait is that? Really, Jonathan? You think Rinzi Ruiz is shit? You think Trent Parke is shit? Chris Weeks? Matt Stuart? I could go on and on.

Tell us what you really think, Michael.

I pretty much agree with every word Michael wrote in this piece but best of all, I just discovered four new amazing street photographers. Solid gold.