Steve Huff compares the Olympus E-M1, the Fuji X-T1 and the Sony A7s against each other →

February 23, 2015 |

Steve Huff:

Moral of this story? Anyone who tells you Micro 4/3 cannot hang with larger sensors is 100% incorrect, as I have said for years. Not only does it hold its own, it does better in many scenarios. Also, what was not mentioned yet is the fact that the best made and designed body here is the Olympus E-M1. It is built to a much higher standard the the Fuji X-T1 from solidity, quality of dials and buttons, and unlike the Fuji – ZERO hollowness and zero cheap feeling parts. In other words, I found the Fuji’s build quality to be the lowest of the three from body to dials and switches to the D-Pad, etc. The E-M1 feels and operates like a pro camera, the Fuji feels more toy like. The Sony is solid and hefty without any cheap feeling parts but again, the E-m1 beats it in build quality and feel and control. The new Sony A7II stepped it up and is now about equal to the E-M1 in build.