Shawn Blanc announces ‘The Power of a Focused Life’ →

February 09, 2015 |

I’ve been waiting for this book to be announced since this past Summer, when Shawn started talking about it on his members-only podcast, Shawn Today. It’s a topic I’m incredibly interested in, and I don’t think there’s anyone better than Shawn to guide us through it. In his own words:

In short, The Power of a Focused Life is about living without regret in the Age of Distraction. I’ll admit, it sounds a bit melodramatic — but I’m serious. I’ve been working on this book for over a year. I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading and doing research (with much more to do still). And I’ve been applying these principles and ideas to my own life for over a decade.

Shawn has always been one to walk the talk, and it shows. His previous book, Delight is in the Details, literally changed my life and was one of my main inspirations when I decided to take my chances with Analog Senses. I trust Shawn, and usually share his views on life, work and the relationship between them. I couldn’t be more excited to read what he has to say about this.

Also, whatever you do, don’t miss that introductory video. Now that’s how you announce a product.