Patreon will not be handling #VATMOSS in EU, passes burden on to creators →

February 09, 2015 |

Quite the eye opener by Heather Burns on Patreon’s official stance on the handling of digital VAT for their EU creators:

On the surface this would suggest that Patreon is effectively off limits for digital creators within Europe. Those who choose to use it will have to personally query each European patron for their tax status, VAT number, IP address, and/or any of the information required to substantiate the proof of supply. They will be responsible for issuing their own tax invoices to their patrons. They will have to supply the invoice and proof of supply data with their VATMOSS return. They will also, of course, have to store this information in a secure format on an EU-based and data protection compliant server for ten years.

If Patreon doesn’t modify their stance, EU-based creators will effectively be forced away from using the service. Via Matt Gemmell.