Ben Brooks goes to the library →

January 30, 2015 |

Ben Brooks, on working out of the library:

That’s perhaps what I love the most. I can go and pick a chair, or move between chairs, as my mood dictates. I can work in complete isolation, and without distraction. Or I can look up and be sucked into people watching — some very interesting people.

If I am writing, it’s where I want to be for sure.

I’m a huge fan of working out of libraries, and I can definitely identify with that. I used to do it all the time when I was in college, and I still do it sometimes, when I need a quite place to concentrate and get some research for my writing done. There’s something about public libraries I’ve always found inspiring, and it has much to do with what Ben outlines here. I love watching the kind of people that usually go to libraries. It may be some kind of voyeuristic fascination of mine, but I’ve found a good 15-20 minutes of people-watching in the library never fail to inspire me to write.