The Lego-style apartment in Barcelona →

January 23, 2015 |

Architect Barbara Appolloni has designed one of the most fascinating apartments I’ve ever seen. It’s positively tiny, measuring only 24 square meters (258.3 square feet), but it includes all features traditionally found in average-sized apartments:

Like the game “Lego”, everything fits perfectly creating a meticulous system of pieces designed to contain the specific features of a home. Different opening mechanisms create a universe that transforms the scene according to the hour of day.

The closet, kitchen, dining table and even washroom door are all hidden by the walls. The bench can be used as a seat and an exterior access ladder. A wheel system allows to pull out the double bed housed under the floor of the balcony. An external staircase connects the ground floor with the terrace, where a bath and a large wooden couch are placed. The magnificent views of the city complete the comfort of the home.

The only “minor” quibble: it’s located on a fifth floor — with no elevator. Check out the video below to see the design in action, as well as the previous state of the building. It’s such a huge difference it’s hard to believe:

Just amazing.