What it’s like to work for Fujifilm →

January 21, 2015 |

Photographer Leigh Diprose tells the story of how he came to work for Fujifilm Australia, and what that’s actually like:

Over the last year I’m finding a slight shift in who’s using Fujifilm products. These days X-Series cameras are being used by people who have never touched a camera before due to recommendations from current or previous owners. I’m also seeing and hearing of many photographers worldwide ‘jumping ship’ from the brands they’ve loved. The main reason I hear this is due to the lack of support from the brand. I find it’s a sad state of affairs when some companies don’t listen to their end users.

It’s a nice story, if a bit too close to PR-speak for my taste. Still, what he said is mostly true: out of all mirrorless systems out there, the Fuji X-series is the one that’s seriously challenging my love for Micro Four Thirds. Fuji does so many things well, and their design philosophy — dedicated manual controls on the bodies and top-notch lenses with manual aperture rings — just feels so right.

I’m still a happy MFT camper for the most part, but I admit it wouldn’t take much to win me over to the Fuji side.