Jordan Steele reviews the Sony A7 II →

January 21, 2015 |

Fantastic review, as always. I was most interested in reading Jordan’s take on the Sony A7 II’s new In-Body Image Stabilization technology (IBIS). Here’s the appropriate excerpt:

Sony claims 4.5 stops of extra handholdability with their IBIS system, which I found a bit too optimistic. With both native lenses and adapted manual focus lenses I found the system to be good for an extra two to three stops of handholdability. This is below the very best optical stabilizers (and not quite as effective as Olympus’ excellent IBIS on the E-M1), but it is still a very good result, allowing me to get sharp shots in many demanding situations.

One thing to note is that to use the in-body stabilizer with manual focus lenses, one must first enter the focal length of the lens, so the body knows how much to correct. This is done quickly and easily via an on-screen menu, and thankfully can be assigned to the camera’s Fn menu for super easy access. One bizarre omission is that the input of focal length for IBIS is not appended to the EXIF data, which would have been very nice for helping to organize shots taken with manual focus lenses.

Not bad at all. The fact that it doesn’t quite seem to reach the performance of the E-M1’s IBIS is a bit disappointing, but understandable. After all, this technology is a first for Sony, and apparently it’s much harder to stabilize a full-frame sensor than a Micro Four Thirds sensor.