Use your online backup as cloud storage →

January 02, 2015 |

Clever tip by Jason Snell:

Both Backblaze and CrashPlan offer iOS apps, as well, letting you access all your backed-up files from your mobile devices. So if you forgot an important presentation or document on your computer, and you couldn’t connect to that device remotely, you could still open a copy from your backups.

I’ve sometimes done this with Dropbox, where you can access any file ever stored on the service in the last 30 days — at least. It’s a nice feature to have but unlike Dropbox, both CrashPlan and Backblaze’s systems are designed with bulk data exports in mind, that is, to allow you to download a compressed copy of all your data. Access to individual files is also granted, but it’s clearly not what the system was designed for, and therefore I wouldn’t recommend relying on it on a regular basis.