Steve Huff reviews the new Sony A7 Mk II →

December 31, 2014 |

Fantastically in-depth review, as always:

When you hold this camera you instantly know you have something of great quality here, even more than the $1698 that it costs. It feels like a $2500-$3k body and no matter what anyone tells you, it is SMALLER than ANY DSLR and quite a bit smaller than even the Nikon Df. It’s not quite DSLR sized, and the way I love to shoot it is with small rangefinder lenses. BTW, Manual focus is a breeze (as already hinted) with the large EVF (same EVF from the previous A7 series).

I have long held Steve’s opinion in high esteem, and he seems to love the new A7 Mk II — with just a minor complaint about battery life.