Jason Snell on the need for a case with the iPhone 6 →

October 10, 2014 |

I’m with Marco. I have always appreciated using my iPhones as they were born, a naked robotic core with no adornment. And I’ve never dropped one. But I’ve been using an Apple iPhone 6 leather case for the last couple of weeks, and really liking it.

I’ve never used a case with any of my iPhones, but I’ve always used some sort of sleeve. I’ve only dropped my iPhone once in about 6 years, so I’m not terribly worried about protecting it from accidental falls. To me, casual protection from superficial damage — like scuffs and scratches, particularly on the screen — is more important. Besides, sleeves offer protection when you want it, and disappear when you don’t, which to me is the best of both worlds. I have always loved the way a caseless iPhone feels in my hand.

If you’re interested in trying one, here are some excellent iPhone sleeves:

  • The Apple iPod socks were perfect for all 3.5-inch iPhones (from the original iPhone to the iPhone 4S). They’ve since been discontinued by Apple, but you can still find them on Amazon.

  • I’m also a big fan of Sena Cases. The Sena UltraSlim Access leather sleeve is what I currently use on my iPhone 5S, and it’s gorgeous. I really like the texture of the fine leather, and it doesn’t add any bulk to the iPhone, which makes it great to carry in your pocket.

  • There are also versions of the UltraSlim for the iPhone 5C, as well as the iPhone 4/4S.

  • Finally, there’s the Heritage UltraSlim, which is specifically tailored to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and looks even better. If I had an iPhone 6 I would definitely be using one of these.